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C A S T :

Koumyou Sanzo // [personal profile] inconstant_moon: Genjo Sanzo's 'dad.' What. He can't even. Had a bit of a disastrous conversation with him the first night in NB, needs to follow up to apologize for the lack of decorum.

Genjo Sanzo // [personal profile] holdnothing314: Exchanged a few emails but was never given the name. Definitely an asshole.

Son Goku // [personal profile] solaris9: Received a call from a few days after Kougaiji's arrival in NB. Declined to elaborate on their history together, but a little too late to stop the boy from getting curious. Then they went on a date met up to talk and later spent the day with Pippi.

Pippi // [personal profile] no_regrets: Picked him up when he was passed out from exhaustion a few days after Nii turned him loose. Gave him a place to stay. Sister complex get.

Nii Jianyi // [personal profile] dr_sleaze: Very courteously repaired the brain damage his OU counterpart did to Kou's head, in exchange for a censor chip to stop Kou from blabbing about him on the network... which also serves as a surveillance chip to monitor his neural jack.

P A N F A N D O M :

Six // [personal profile] six_of_nine: Misheard her alias, Jane Doe, as 'Jien Dō.' They had a nice charming phone call on Kougaiji's first night in the psych ward, and now that he's a little less violently insane, he really ought to thank her.

Rikku // [personal profile] plunderful: Pretty girl, chirpy, possibly just a manifestation of his nightmares.

IC Contact

May. 30th, 2012 01:40 pm
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[ OOC: Kougaiji doesn't even yet know what this thing even is yet, far less how to customize it. What follows is in the typical canned female voice you'd expect out of a default message. ]

Hello! You've reached the voice box of [[GUEST247826782]]. Please leave your name, contact details, and a short message after the beep!

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| CANON: Saiyuki
| NAME: Kougaiji
| CANON POINT: Gensomaden Ch. 35, before Nii's experiments are complete
| AGE: Unstated. Biologically early to mid 20s; chronologically 500+

Ruddy red-brown skin with rich red hair and eyes, and wearing long beaded chandelier earrings (his mother's), Kougaiji looks like every room he steps into should start smelling of some exotic incense, complete with twanging sitar and jingling belly dancers somewhere in the background. He has the grace and poise befitting a crown prince and looks like he'd pose for nude portraits very, very well.

This is about where Minekura's racialized exoticism ends, as apart from some bonus jewelry Kougaiji avoids the stereotypical affectations of "beautiful foreign prince," and certainly doesn't stick to period (or even very flattering) attire. His aesthetic is rather more bad mid-90s Japanese punk, and his long hair is really a mullet, but don't tell him that. (Oddly, his fashion sense improves when he's a brainwashed evil killing machine. But only marginally.)

Despite the pretty face Kougaiji has an incredibly fit body, and his youkai eyes, ears and claws mark him as a dangerous mutant by New Babylon standards. His tendency to go around without a shirt isn't doing him any favors in that regard.

Picture references:

(Current look. Not as trendy as Evil Brainwash Coat, but an improvement.)


Kougaiji is the eldest child of Bull-King Gyuumaoh, a powerful youkai who was sealed by War Prince Nataku 500 before Gensomaden Saiyuki's start. Kougaiji was also sealed at this time, and reawakened at least six years pre-Gensomaden by Gyokumen Koushou, Gyuumaoh's mistress and mother of his half-sister Lirin, whom he loves dearly despite having seriously the worst parentage ever.

Apart from Lirin, Kougaiji's nearest and dearest include his bodyguard/friend Dokugakuji, and his alchemist Yaone, both of whom would lay their lives down for him. Oh, and his mother, the water demon Rasetsunyo. Seriously, don't threaten this guy's mom.

Kougaiji was initially assigned to assassinate the Sanzo-ikkou as they traveled toward India. After siccing a few minions at them without success, Kougaiji intervened personally, and promptly got his ass handed to him by Goku. (This becomes something of a trend.)

After a particularly nasty defeat against Goku's Seiten Taisei form, Kougaiji was brought back to Houtou Castle in India comatose and near death. There, the human bio-engineer Dr. Nii Jianyi, who was leading up Gyokumen's revival experiment to reawaken Gyuumaoh, convinced Dokugakuji to turn the prince over into his care. Nii set to work fixing Kougaiji's injuries, but not without adding a few "improvements" of his own through a bit of brain surgery designed to break Kougaiji's will and turn him into a willing automaton.

Kougaiji awoke partway through these operations and tried to escape, and that's about where he was pulled into New Babylon via a "system glitch." Because if there's one thing better than suddenly having a weird neural implant stuck in your head, it's having several, unfinished implants all sending bad signals through your brain at once.


In a word, the other username I was considering for this account was "honeybadgerdocare". But I think that would've been too long.

Kougaiji has all the princely training you'd expect of an heir to the throne in ancient India, all competing with the big bleeding heart he tends to wear on his sleeve. That is the problem with being so principled: he's frequently enough defeated by his own inner conflicts, especially the desire to help his still-imprisoned mother and to protect his sister. He is intended as a foil for Genjo Sanzo in this way: where Sanzo is reluctant to admit to any sort of human feeling or attachment, Kougaiji's emotions and the bonds among (at least the women in) his family form the very foundation of his life, a fact he can be quite open about at times.

Kougaiji continues to maintain his strict royal composure in public, especially among enemies and strangers, but it wouldn't be strange to be all business and emotionally distant from close companions as well-- until one of them prods a weak point and the whole princely veneer comes crumbling apart. As befitting the son of powerful fire and water youkai, he can run quite hot and cold, and Lirin and Goku are especially talented at shortening his temper.

As of Jan 19th, native NB AU Nii has repaired the damage done by his OU counterpart. Furthermore, by Jan 21st, Kou has been given a place to stay and a way to keep fed and hydrated, so he's slowly returning to his old self. He even has a shirt now.



Kougaiji is youkai royalty, the product of the Bull-King Gyuumaoh and the water demon Rasetsunyo. Consequently his youkai magic takes after the fire and water magic of his parents: he can generate flames and fog, as well as vortexes and lance-like fire attacks. He's also able to defend against the chi attacks of others (namely Hakkai) using chi barriers or reversal techniques. Under ideal conditions he has stamina to match these talents as well, but these are not ideal conditions.

Chi Reading:

Kougaiji, like most of Saiyuki's cast of characters, can read people's chi (usually translated as "aura" in the Tokyopop volumes). Though there are ways to obfuscate one's chi through spells or techniques, this reading ability generally lets Kougaiji know if someone is magically-inclined, unnatural, or dominated by a particular emotion. Negative emotions also come across stronger than positive ones, especially rage or a desire to kill. He can also differentiate between species of humanoids in this way. It's not quite telepathy and more like an electromagnetic sixth sense-- he'd probably complain that the youkai-like mutants of NB "smell" wrong but struggle to pinpoint what the problem is.

Chi is demonstrably detectable over considerable distance in the manga but probably pretty much impossible to read over networked communication. (Speaking of that, tech in general will "smell" wrong to him.) He would be able to get a read on the overall miasma of the city, but reading an individual's chi would have to be done in close proximity. Even then, the electricity that is so prevalent throughout the city would prevent the most accurate reading, unless his abilities were substantially enhanced (possibly through meditation, which he doesn't do).


Kougaiji has a contract with a powerful shokanma (summoning monster) which he is able to call forth at will. It's hypothesized by Sanzo (Reload Act 12) that this contract is nullified if the summoner "gets warped" somehow, such as by brainwashing or neurobiological manipulation, which is exactly what Kougaiji is currently suffering from. So, his summoning ability is completely nerfed, even if he weren't suddenly in an alternate dimension where his fire demon buddy didn't exist.

Martial arts:

The prince is an accomplished martial artist of both armed and unarmed styles. He is able to go toe-to-toe with Goku in the latter's limited form, though he can't stand up well to the boy at full strength. His dexterity is also off the charts, as he's demonstrated early on to be able to pluck the blade of Gojyo's shakujyo right out of the air (but, once again, Goku's Seiten Taisei form trumps him in every respect-- you will never see Kougaiji catching a bullet with his teeth, for example).

Although not the beefiest Saiyuki character by far (Dokugakuji tends to nickname him "Skinny"), he's generally strong enough to punch cracks into a stone wall while upset, so he's clearly stronger than the average human.

Medical Augmentation:

When the Nii of Kougaiji's world volunteered to rescue the prince from the brink of death, he didn't half-ass it. Unseen --and in fact currently unknown to everyone but Nii, his NB counterpart, and a few Sector V medical personnel-- Kougaiji has several metal plates over several of his ribs, the bones of his right forearm, and parts of his skull, to reinforce the bones shattered during his confrontation with Seiten Taisei. This is normal surgical steel and will show up on any X-ray, but isn't detectable on sight. You can, however, poke his forearm and feel the difference.

His bone structure in general seems to be hardier post-surgery, and he may enjoy some of the reduced pain sensitivity Nii was attempting to induce during the brainwashing. He's not Wolverine, though, and can still get taken down through substantial injury. As always, the biggest thing that keeps him going in a fight is just how awfully stubborn he is.


Broke with no prospects, Kougaiji is currently squatting in a small L3 apartment loaned to him by Pippi, who was maintaining it for an apparently deceased Free Mutants activist. Through trashpicking he's found a shirt and some boots, but so at least he's not going around half-naked anymore, but he is currently still reliant on free protein feeds and Pippi's generosity to survive.


Mythological names (in various readings): Dalu Hai Er (Hindi; literally "Bull Moose Child"), Hóng Hái-ér (Mandarin; literally "Red Baby Boy"), Red Boy/Boy Sage King (in some English translations of Journey to the West)

Network names: GUEST247826782 (until someone can convince him to get a proper username)




Unwitting Branch Industries Spy:

When Nii repaired the brain damage done to Kougaiji by his OU counterpart, he also installed a censor chip to deter Kougaiji from speaking of or thinking about the good doctor. This same chip could monitor data sent over Kougaiji's neural jack, effectively allowing him to see and hear everything Kougaiji does over the network.

Accessory to Terrorism:

Kougaiji is now associated with Pippi, a wanted terrorist and vocal member of the Free Mutants activist movement. He hasn't participated in anything illegal with her, and he is only vaguely aware she is a criminal of some sort, but that is probably going to become more obvious with time.

Sworn Kin:

According to the novel on which Saiyuki is based, Goku was a former sworn brother of Gyuumaoh, making Goku Kougaiji's uncle. It's unknown yet how this will develop, or at all, but so far Kougaiji has continued his association with NB's native AU Goku as rival/friend, sans any reason to go around killing each other (yet).

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